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    American Connoisseur Automatics   

     When it’s time to choose the right Seed Supplier for your needs, you can count on Twisted Tree Autoflowers for quality products that will fit your budget.  Spreading the love without breaking the bank.  We guarantee you receive only the best quality seeds in no time and totally hassle free.

    100% Feminized Autoflowers

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    Feminized autoflower seed.

    Made in Michigan from choice photoperiod plants.


    Autoflowering varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth to their flowering state as they age.  A photoperiod plant is dependent on required light while autoflowers are not, so there is no need to worry about light leaks in your tent or grow room.  Autoflowers are also not bothered by light interruptions during light out periods. Many autoflowers will be ready to harvest in 10-12 weeks from seed.  Light schedules 24/0, 20/4 and 18/6 work great for autoflowers.

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    Nutrients for Autoflowers

    Autoflowering strains have the ability to thrive in less nutritious soil. They typically have speedy growth and small stature so they don’t require as much fertilizer.

    Autoflowers simply aren’t as hungry as their photoperiod counterparts—another result of their hardy nature. Photoperiod strains require a complex nutritional strategy that changes throughout the growing cycle while autoflowers can be maintained with the bare minimum.   I generally recommend no more than 1/4 strength nutrients for store purchased fertilizers.

    Below is a basic recipe for a good autoflowering soil mix:

    • 3 parts peat moss

    • 3 parts compost

    • 2 parts perlite

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    Starting Seeds

    All my seeds are 100% inspected and germ tested to insure you get the best quality seeds.  Germinating is out of my control, so I can’t guarantee 100% will germinate.  If you are having problems, email and I’ll help the best I can. There’s no wrong way to start seeds.  If you are new to growing, I suggest you plant straight to soil.  I like starting them in moist, plain white paper towel.  Place them in a sealed container in a dark place 70 degrees minimum to 80 maximum for best germination. My seeds will crack open sometimes in a few hours, most will have 1 inch roots in 36-48 hours. Soaking seeds in a glass of water for a few hours then placing in the soil, or occasionally straight to soil may work just as well.  Autoflowers require little to no nutrients to get started.

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    Who We Are

     Twisted Tree Autoflowers, a top autoflower seed supplier located in Michigan. I’ve been breeding with autoflowers for 10 years after a couple of decades of working my own photo sensitive cannabis strains.  It takes approximately 2 years to work a photo to auto form.  I’ve bred around 20 strains now that are in different stages of photo to auto breeding.  We plan to release 1 to 2 new strains each year and offer some F1 crosses of our autos.  We lead the local industry in customer approval and strive to provide world class service for everyone. Whether we’re working with an individual client or a company, we guarantee you’ll receive only the best quality products and service from us. Let us know what we can do for you today.